10 Buying Tips For Impact Windows

The best time to install new windows in your home is not when strong tropical storm is brewing in the Caribbean. Hasty decision to get protection from hurricanes will rarely result in the purchase of right type of product for your house. When we are anxious, we forget the golden rule – never purchase expensive times without ensuring what you need. Therefore, you must get all possible information about the product you plan to buy. To protect yourself and your property from strong winds and hurricanes, you must install impact resistant doors and windows. Here are a few tips to help you buy the product impact doors for your residential property.

Your Old Windows Aren’t Bad

Before you consider getting replacement windows and doors for your home, make sure you get an energy audit performed on your existing windows. There are many companies that are ready to perform this audit for a small fee. The audit may help you realize that spending a few hundred dollars on weatherizing your existing windows can reduce your energy bills drastically. You could also find out that you don’t need those new expensive windows. In fact, installing a few seals, felt strips, and some caulk can make a huge difference in the performance of your existing windows.

Hurricane Proof

Do storm windows and doors break? Yes, they do, but they are not supposed to allow strong winds enter your home and damage the interiors. Most people are under the impression that impact windows and doors are unbreakable. This is not true and there is nothing as hurricane proof doors and windows. The only benefit of these impact doors and windows is that they don’t allow strong winds to enter your home and damage the structure.

Accidental Breakage

Don’t rely solely on impact doors and windows to protect your home. When the window is struck by a big rock, especially if it comes from a lawn mower, it can easily damage the windows. Use a combination of few hurricane protection techniques to protect your home from strong winds and projectiles.


Since the cost of impact windows and door replacements are high, make sure there is little chance of smashing these windows and breaking in. A street thug or a vandal with a center punch tool, rock, glass cutter, slingshot, or hammer can do thousands of dollars in damage to these storm windows and doors.

Beach House

If you have a beach house or live near the beach, make sure you use shutters. This will prevent etching of glass by sands during storm or hurricane. Some insurance companies have made it mandatory to install shutters if you live near the beach. If these shutters are not installed, your wind damage claim may get rejected.

Energy Saving

Most manufacturers claim that people can recover their investments in impact-rated doors and windows in a few years in form of energy savings. This is not true, as the pay back is usually in excess of 30 years. There are many independent studies that refute the claim of the impact door and window manufacturers. The more the investment in these hurricane doors and windows, the longer is the pay-off period.

Availability Of Replacement Parts

Before making an investment, make sure you check the future availability of replacement parts. If replacement parts will not be available after 10 years, it would mean that after 10 years broken seals, springs, and latches will not be repairable. So, if you face any problem with the window, you will have to replace it.